A New Format….!

A New Format….!

Episode 24 now LIVE!

Hello there! Welcome to The Drunken Menace Podcast with an all new show format! Featuring….

  • Who Shot First! (08:10) – We ask each other five Star Wars questions, get it wrong and down a shot! With added Flappy Face Bug C**t!
  • Star Wars News (30:04) – With a really crazy C3-PO fan theory and how he was unknowingly a spy for the Empire!
  • Vs Challenge (54:59) – We make Harry Potter and Doctor Who have a good old punch up.
  • Monty You Terrible C**t!! (01:22:40) – We find our terrible person of the week, this week is a man who shagged his Chicken Chicken Sunday Dinner! 

Sponsored by: The Castro Van Sanchez 5.99 Direct To Your Door Store!

*WARNING: Contains extremely strong language. All views are purely for comedy purposes. We are nice people really. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.