About The Idiots!

The Drunken Menace: A group of rebel scum crack open multiple beers to discuss all that is Star Wars and other geek news that has crash landed in their Cantina. Expect much slurring of words and extreme rambling as we stagger around the geek universe. These are the Drunks you are looking for!

Ben Joinson

Ben is a posh Southern Geek who faints if the price of a beverage is under £10.68, he also enjoys top flight Football, cutting one line insults, Thundercat pyjamas and pretending he is Marty Mcfly in Marks and Spencers.

Ben’s Weird Video Collection

 James Anderson Brown

James is a complete alcoholic idiot who rarely knows where he is or what he is doing, to compensate he makes strange noises or awful celebrity impressions. He also has a passion for Sombrero Hats.

The Castro Van Sanchez 5.99 Direct To Your Door Store

Stuart Tonks

A long time alcoholic and known King of the Geeks, Stu enjoys insulting everything, drinking cheap Cider and stealing other peoples underwear.

Stu’s Shite Celebrity Photo Gallery

*WARNING: Contains extremely strong language. All views are purely for comedy purposes. We are nice people really. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.