Ben’s Weird Video Collection

Ben loves weird geek videos, here are some of the best from his collection…..enjoy! He goes down the YouTube wormhole so you don’t have too! 

Star Wars Snatch (Explicit) 

Star Wars Harmonica


Battle of Naboo Benny Hill

Everyday Chewie Sounds

Batman’s Dirty Mind (Explicit) 

Turkish Superman

Star Wars Blue Peter (UK)

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Turkish Spider-Man and Captain America

Bane Never Gonna Give You Up

Bear Finds A Lightsaber

Drunk Ewoks

Star Wars Flute

Death Star Canteen (Explicit) 

The Star Wars I Used To Know

Bane Healthy Foods

Weird Al The Saga Begins

Professor X Fires Wolverine 


Godzilla’s Funniest Moments

The Batman Rap (Explicit) 

Japanese Spiderman

1970’s Captain America

1970’s Shazam!

Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four

Daavid Hasselhoff is Nick Fury

1980’s Hulk Vs Thor

Nicolas Cage Losing His Sh*t (Explicit)

Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Dating Game

Batman Chooses His Voice (Explicit) 

Darth Vader Being A Jerk

The Best Of Bad Movie Acting