Helmet Dusting…!

Helmet Dusting…!

Episode 26 now LIVE!

Hello there! Welcome to The Drunken Menace Podcast! In this episode…

  • Lets drink and play with our helmets! (00:00)
  • Star Wars News! Midichlorians chat, Star Trek and the 94 Whale Testicles. (09:34) 
  • Geek News! Featuring Transformers, Batman, Ninja Turtles, Rocky, The Flash all in a multiverse. (40:42)
  • Vs Challenge…..Spider-Man Vs Aquaman! Spidey Squirts! (01:02:14)
  • Monty You Terrible C**t! This week Elderly couple refuse to pay £200 bill in pay-per-view porn row! (01:14:05)

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*WARNING: Contains extremely strong language. All views are purely for comedy purposes. We are nice people really. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.