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13/09/2021Episode 41: Lord Of The Rings Uber Eagle and John Wayne’s Penis NoseCheers!
03/08/2021Episode 40: He-Man And The Morals Band And Thundercats Are Rubbish.Cheers!
30/05/2021Episode 39: Taika Threesome, Indiana Jones And The Dentures Of Death And Destroying Star Wars.Cheers!
26/04/2021Episode 38: We Get So Drunk We Get The Name Wrong Of Every Single Person From Star Wars And Marvel In A Drooling Mouth Mess Plus Cereal Rants And The Human Torch Light.Cheers!
03/04/2021Episode 37: 2 Year Anniversary Special! Jack Snyder’s Just This Cheese And Knight Rider Dildo’s.Cheers!
05/03/2021Episode 36: Being attacked By A Crow Dressed As Darth Vader, Sharting and Shapiro’s Advert Interview.Cheers!
09/02/2021Episode 35: We Get Totally Hammered, Prince Phillip As Thrawn, Karen’s Attack And Biscuit Talk.Cheers!
03/01/2021Episode 34: Happy New Year! The Really Drunk Year Review, Ninja’s With Stuffed Dogs And Obi Answers Your Questions.Cheers!
16/12/2020Episode 33: Christmas Boba Fett, My Best Friend’s A Lobot And Man Makes Love To Tree.Cheers!
24/11/2020Episode 32: A Packet Of Peppers And A Bottle Of Gin, The Admirals Ack Bar and Ghost Orgies.Cheers!
27/10/2020Episode 31: The Podcast Horror Special With A Man Who Has Seriously Never Seen A Scary Movie! He Knows What You Did Last Tuesday!Cheers!
06/10/2020Episode 30: The 30th Anniversary Edition! Soggy Biscuits, Dick Tape And Chief Inspector Willy Deeping.Cheers!
13/09/2020Episode 29: Really Bad Cosplay, Pies and Mick Hucknall.Cheers!
22/08/2020Episode 28: We Get Really Really Drunk And Accidentally Destroy The Last Jedi, Inner Monologues And A Worst News Story Ever.Cheers!
27/07/2020Episode 27: Obi-Wan And Anakin Star In The Sitcom Rule Of Two And Ghostbusters Goes Wrong.Cheers!
08/07/2020Episode 26: Whale Testicles And The Voyage Home, The Geek Multiverse And Elderly Porn PurchasesCheers!
28/06/2020Episode 25: Man Grumps Explained, We Actually Talk About Star Wars And Man Has Sex With Ghost.Cheers!
10/06/2020Fakey Remakey – The GooniesCheers!
07/06/2020Episode 24: C3-PO Palpatine’s Secret Spy And A Man Who Makes Love To His Sunday Dinner.Cheers!
04/05/2020Episode 23: The May 4th Special! With An Incredibly Hard Star Wars Quiz That One Of Us Doesn’t Get A Single Answer Right! Plus Top Trumps Vs Contest!Cheers!
20/04/2020Episode 22: The Really Embarrassing Story About Nearly Meeting Steven Spielberg.Cheers!
10/04/2020Episode 21: Our One Year Anniversary Awards Show With The Strangest Lord Of The Rings Story Involving Pickled Gherkins.Cheers!
31/03/2020Episode 20: Our Slow Decent Into Isolation Madness And The Most Embarrassing Story About Meeting Kevin Smith.Cheers!
22/03/2020Episode 19: The One Where We Down A Shot Every Time We Say The Word Virus And Which Star Wars Character Would You Isolate With?Cheers!
07/03/2020Episode 18: Palpatine’s Parts Smell Like Burnt Death Star And Dutch Han SoloCheers!
31/01/2020Episode 17 Pt 2: Admiral Ackbar’s Scented Candles And Klaud The Giant Foreskin.Cheers!
21/01/2020Episode 17 Pt 1: Poe’s Wang Hat And The Revenge Of The Piss.Cheers!
10/01/2020Episode 16: Carry On Up The Rise Of Skywalker.Cheers!
07/12/2019Episode 15: The One Where Rik Villanueva Joins The Show! With Maz Kanata Topless! Top 5 Star Wars Moments! Penis Santa Hats!Cheers!
26/11/2019Episode 14: The One Where We Breakdown The Mandalorian Without Seeing It! Plus Baby Yoda! Nick Nolte! Jabba’s Sarlacc’s Arsepit And Prince Andrew!Cheers!
26/11/2019Quite Serious Joker Mini Movie Review.Cheers!
28/09/2019Episode 13: The One Where James Drinks 19 Beers, Ben Is The Earl Of Moose And We Search For Matt Smith.Cheers!
02/09/2019Episode 12: The One Where Stu Is So Drunk He Wants To Be A Monkey Dog, Tries to Start A Fight And Nearly Throws Up.Cheers!
26/08/2019Episode 11: The Star Wars Holiday D23 Drunken Special.Cheers!
24/07/2019Episode 10: The One Where Stu Has Two Bungholes And We Pump It Until Palpatine Pops.Cheers!
08/07/2019Episode 9: The One Where Stu Tells Us The Story About Getting Urinated On At A Bon Jovi Gig.Cheers!
22/06/2019Episode 8: The One Where Stu Realizes Each Episode Is Named After Him.Cheers!
07/06/2019Episode 7: The One Where We Find Out Stu Has Tiny Horse Toes.Cheers!
01/06/2019Episode 6: The One Where We Are So Drunk We Can Only Make Weird Noises And Stu Is Convinced C3-P0 Is Fat.Cheers!
19/05/2019Episode 5: The One Where Stu Goes To The Toilet With His Microphone On Like Naked Gun.Cheers!
11/05/2019Episode 4: The One Where Stu Tries To Start A War With New Zealand And We Have A Swear Off.Cheers!
03/05/2019Episode 3: The One Where Stu Gets Married And Bad Celebrity Impressions.Cheers!
14/04/2019Episode 2: The One About Star Wars Celebration and Stu Insults The World.Cheers!
03/04/2019Episode 1: We Don’t Know What We Are Doing……..Cheers!