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24th November 2020Episode 32: A Packet Of Peppers And A Bottle Of Gin, The Admirals Ack Bar and Ghost Orgies.Cheers!
27th October 2020Episode 31: The Podcast Horror Special With A Man Who Has Seriously Never Seen A Scary Movie! He Knows What You Did Last Tuesday!Cheers!
6th October 2020Episode 30: The 30th Anniversary Edition! Soggy Biscuits, Dick Tape And Chief Inspector Willy Deeping.Cheers!
13th September 2020Episode 29: Really Bad Cosplay, Pies and Mick Hucknall.Cheers!
22nd August 2020Episode 28: We Get Really Really Drunk And Accidentally Destroy The Last Jedi, Inner Monologues And A Worst News Story Ever.Cheers!
27th July 2020Episode 27: Obi-Wan And Anakin Star In The Sitcom Rule Of Two And Ghostbusters Goes Wrong.Cheers!
8th July 2020Episode 26: Whale Testicles And The Voyage Home, The Geek Multiverse And Elderly Porn PurchasesCheers!
28th June 202Episode 25: Man Grumps Explained, We Actually Talk About Star Wars And Man Has Sex With Ghost.Cheers!
10th June 2020Fakey Remakey – The GooniesCheers!
7th June 2020Episode 24: C3-PO Palpatine’s Secret Spy And A Man Who Makes Love To His Sunday Dinner.Cheers!
4th May 2020Episode 23: The May 4th Special! With An Incredibly Hard Star Wars Quiz That One Of Us Doesn’t Get A Single Answer Right! Plus Top Trumps Vs Contest!Cheers!
20th April 2020Episode 22: The Really Embarrassing Story About Nearly Meeting Steven Spielberg.Cheers!
10th April 2020Episode 21: Our One Year Anniversary Awards Show With The Strangest Lord Of The Rings Story Involving Pickled Gherkins.Cheers!
31st March 2020Episode 20: Our Slow Decent Into Isolation Madness And The Most Embarrassing Story About Meeting Kevin Smith.Cheers!
22nd March
Episode 19: The One Where We Down A Shot Every Time We Say The Word Virus And Which Star Wars Character Would You Isolate With?Cheers!
7th March 2020Episode 18: Palpatine’s Parts Smell Like Burnt Death Star And Dutch Han SoloCheers!
31st January 2020Episode 17 Pt 2: Admiral Ackbar’s Scented Candles And Klaud The Giant Foreskin.Cheers!
21st January 2020Episode 17 Pt 1: Poe’s Wang Hat And The Revenge Of The Piss.Cheers!
10th January 2020Episode 16: Carry On Up The Rise Of Skywalker.Cheers!
7th December 2019Episode 15: The One Where Rik Villanueva Joins The Show! With Maz Kanata Topless! Top 5 Star Wars Moments! Penis Santa Hats!Cheers!
26th November 2019Episode 14: The One Where We Breakdown The Mandalorian Without Seeing It! Plus Baby Yoda! Nick Nolte! Jabba’s Sarlacc’s Arsepit And Prince Andrew!Cheers!
26th November 2019Quite Serious Joker Mini Movie Review.Cheers!
28th September 2019Episode 13: The One Where James Drinks 19 Beers, Ben Is The Earl Of Moose And We Search For Matt Smith.Cheers!
2nd September 2019Episode 12: The One Where Stu Is So Drunk He Wants To Be A Monkey Dog, Tries to Start A Fight And Nearly Throws Up.Cheers!
26th August 2019Episode 11: The Star Wars Holiday D23 Drunken Special.Cheers!
24th July 2019Episode 10: The One Where Stu Has Two Bungholes And We Pump It Until Palpatine Pops.Cheers!
8th July 2019Episode 9: The One Where Stu Tells Us The Story About Getting Urinated On At A Bon Jovi Gig.Cheers!
22nd June 2019Episode 8: The One Where Stu Realizes Each Episode Is Named After Him.Cheers!
7th June 2019Episode 7: The One Where We Find Out Stu Has Tiny Horse Toes.Cheers!
1st June 2019Episode 6: The One Where We Are So Drunk We Can Only Make Weird Noises And Stu Is Convinced C3-P0 Is Fat.Cheers!
19th May 2019Episode 5: The One Where Stu Goes To The Toilet With His Microphone On Like Naked Gun.Cheers!
11th May 2019Episode 4: The One Where Stu Tries To Start A War With New Zealand And We Have A Swear Off.Cheers!
3rd May 2019Episode 3: The One Where Stu Gets Married And Bad Celebrity Impressions.Cheers!
14th April 2019Episode 2: The One About Star Wars Celebration and Stu Insults The World.Cheers!
3rd April 2019Episode 1: We Don’t Know What We Are Doing……..Cheers!