Man Grumps…!

Man Grumps…!

Episode 25 now LIVE!

Hello there! Welcome to The Drunken Menace Podcast! In this episode…

  • One of us has a proper “Man Grump” which we explain for all the people who have ever wondered where they appear from! (00:00)
  • We actually talk about Star Wars including new games, Kylo Ren’s back story and “lets love Star Wars again”. (10:58)
  • Vs Challenge – The Hulk Vs The Thing from Fantastic Four! (50:35)
  • Monty You Terrible C**t! This week’s story: “Man ‘dating ghost’ fears she’s cheating on him by bonking other men during lockdown.”  (59:12)

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*WARNING: Contains extremely strong language. All views are purely for comedy purposes. We are nice people really. No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast.